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May 2, 2024


Accelerating automotive innovation with the Cloud

Laura Hindley

Senior PR & Communications Manager

The automotive industry has undergone some transformative changes over the last few years and the shifts aren’t over yet. The transition to electric vehicles, the drive to develop more sustainable products, the persistent labor shortage, integrating robotics on the factory floor, and the ongoing need to balance innovation with safety are some of the top challenges that automotive companies of all sizes are managing right now.  

To effectively manage these and other demands, automotive organizations need advanced and intelligent cloud-based solutions that eliminate data silos, enable fast scaling up or down (based on needs), support fast data processes, provide valuable analytics, and allow companies to collaborate across their end-to-end supply chains. 

Moving to the Cloud enables compliance and ensures safety 

Cloud-based labeling plays a vital role in the automotive industry, where safety stickers, vehicle identification (VIN) labels, and auto labels all store critical safety, inventory, quality control, warranty, and other information. Accurate labeling also ensures clear identification of parts, components, and vehicles as they make their way through the manufacturing process, across the supply chain, during product recalls, and within the automotive aftermarket. When the right labels are placed on the right products, potential issues, and safety hazards can be more quickly identified and addressed. 

Some of the labeling complexities that automotive companies are managing right now include an uptick in customer-specific labeling and packaging artwork requirements, non-traceability for products coming from various suppliers, and the rise of counterfeit auto parts — a black market sector that’s valued at around $12 billion annually, to name just a few. 

However, by adopting a cloud-based labeling solution, automotive companies can meet these challenges head-on and: 

  • Ensure a seamless and efficient passage of products through the supply chain 

  • Enable supplier compliance 

  • Improve track and trace 

  • Dramatically reduce labeling errors 

  • Quickly react to evolving customer, regional, and regulatory requirements 

  • Reduce costs 

  • … and more! 

Navigating the long road ahead 

To survive and thrive in today’s demanding business environment, automotive companies must rethink their labeling strategies. Manual approaches and piecemeal solutions are quickly giving way to innovative cloud-based labeling solutions that are standardized and responsive to change. Discover how you can improve efficiency, ensure compliance, and reduce costs by downloading our complimentary report today! 

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