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January 10, 2022

Case Study

How Lakeview Farms Turbo-Charges Packaging Artwork Processes

If you are in the food and beverage industry, you understand the importance of your product packaging. It’s the first thing your customer sees on the shelf and could almost be considered the ‘face’ of your product.

In the following interview, Lakeview Farms, a manufacturer of fresh and convenient dips, desserts, and specialty products will discuss how they struggled with a manual and time-consuming artwork management process. From spreadsheets and paper files to lack of stakeholder visibility, Lakeview farms struggled to meet deadlines and stakeholder approvals where holding up their processes.

You'll learn how Lakeview Farms partnered with Loftware to overcome these challenges and streamline their product packaging process across all stakeholders to improve time to market and reduce costs.

Download the following interview to learn how Lakeview Farms utilizes Loftware Smartflow to:

  • Speed their product time to market by introducing project visibility and accountability
  • Save their workers valuable time by ridding the company of manual processes
  • Sustain industry specific packaging regulations and requirements
  • Manage hundreds of labeling and artwork projects concurrently with ease
  • Regulatory
  • FDA
  • Artwork Management
  • Labeling

Thank you! You can read the paper here: [[PDF]]

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For additional details see the Loftware Privacy Policy