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September 20, 2023


The challenge of labeling & UDI for medical devices

How to tackle labeling complexity and the impact of UDI across the product lifecycle

Mislabeling continues to be a leading cause of medical device recalls and manufacturers struggle to coordinate labeling data across their organizations. This can lead to issues within product design, production, inspection, and compliance functions.

Many manufacturers turn to PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) to address design and data management complexities across domains. Traditional areas focus on key engineering disciplines like mechanical, electrical, and software development and the overall digitalization of Design Control. However, labeling as a discipline is often overlooked and underappreciated – until it’s an issue. Even then, labeling tools are chosen for different specializations within the broader labeling issue.

An integrated approach is needed to bring labeling solutions into the overall lifecycle management. Watch now to learn how Siemens and Loftware have partnered to transform labeling compliance, accuracy and efficiency.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Labeling definition & authoring – an integrated approach
  • Advanced label design
  • Regulatory and UDI
  • Regulatory
  • UDI

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