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June 28, 2023


How W. L. Gore Enables Compliance and Accelerates Go-to-Market with Cloud-based Labeling

W. L. Gore & Associates has made its name by creating innovative, technology-driven solutions, from medical devices that treat aneurysms to high-performance GORE-TEX® fabrics. In this webinar, Michael Kinnett, who is responsible for Product Labeling for W.L. Gore’s Medical Products Division, will share how a flexible, cloud-based Enterprise Labeling solution improved manufacturing and distribution to support their organization’s continued growth and global expansion. You will learn how the Company was able to meet regulatory challenges and the evolving demands of the medical device industry.

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn more about how W.L. Gore & Associates moved labeling to the Cloud to automate processes, eliminate bottlenecks, and speed label creation and updates. You’ll find out how W. L. Gore was able to: 

  • Improve label creation and update times from months to days
  • Automate label design and management to easily meet complex regulatory requirements
  • Simplify the auditing process to enable compliance
  • Enable suppliers to avoid relabeling
  • Successfully migrate from Loftware Print Server (LPS) to Loftware’s modernized, future-proof solution, Loftware Spectrum 
  • Cloud
  • Regulatory
  • EU MDR
  • Labeling
  • LPS Migration
  • LPS Retirement

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